international film festival 2022

Welcome to Kreativekarma Festival

Kreative Karma is launching an exciting new film festival in 2022.
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Kreative Karma is a visionary step towards compiling the core artistic substance and giving it the desired platform. kreative karma aims to give original content to its viewers and deliver a quality-oriented video experience to expand its area of activities far and wide for different ideas portrayed in cinema. this youtube channel aims to be a contributor of relevant content that impacts positively on all areas, we choose to target.

Krative Karma is an exquisite art & entertainment platform. entertain, educate, and inspire are three pillars of our creative activities. A variety of taste equals a variety of films. We aim to provide entertainment in every section of society. All genres of entertainment from comedy, tragedy, thriller, and social are to be covered by the variety of our videos. Our documentaries shall take up subjects that are new and present an educational aspect along with the entertainment values. You are special to us as you are our subscriber.