Kreative karma aims to give original content to its viewers and deliver a quality-oriented video experience. All genres of entertainment from comedy, tragedy, thriller, and social are to be covered by the variety of our videos.Our documentaries shall take up subjects that are new and present an educational aspect along with the entertainment values.

The Cure" - World's First film on blood Phobia

The dark and thrilling journey of the protagonist to face his own fears of a blood-related disease and emerging out as a changed person.


An award-winning love story with great response in the festivals across the world deals with a very unique story blended with humor, reality and all weird aspects in a lover's life.

Freeze : We are all in this story (2020)

The film represents the state of affairs in the current times that the world is going through. We are locked down, not able to move with free will and life is going through tests never gone before


"Color of the shadow" is a dark love story in the backdrop of glamorous Goa. The story of a newly married couple, visiting the city and experience the events henceforth.

Rainbow visage(2020)

The film deals with a sketch artist and her creation that springs from her artistic creativity. Also, the fragile mindset that may be the product of her sensitivity to draw not so happy sketches.

WHAT A FEELING" Short film(2016)

A dark truth about today's relationship. A film must for every couple. It may be your story. Also a story about the delicate, loving heart of women taken for a ride leading her to experience the strength lying within her to cope with almost everything.

The Makeup(2020)

"The makeup" unfolds a thrilling journey, instilling fear, as we explore the shades of multiple personalities that lay embedded in our bodies. So much so, that certain things go beyond our control.

Fraud Manto (2019)

Do you know Sadat Hassan Manto? Have you read through his fiction stories? Do you identify his persona? Manto's fictions and his persona are diverse or you say both are fickle in each other? Actually, his fiction stories and Manto both are one-being.

THE WHISTLE weapon against evil

The society and its evils are reflected in various forms.Attempting to usher in the lives of current society that has slipped from the pedestal of morals and responsibility

First Eye Gazing Experience free for all event in India

Kreative Karma presents the first eye gazing event in India for The Human Connection Movement Australia. Organized in Mumbai, the event ran successfully to enthusiastic and happy participants.

Legacy of Art | web series

"Legacy of Art" is an attempt to showcase esoteric and modern artforms through artists, carving their niche in their art forms.


The journey of a rapper up close and personal. As we peel the layers of this artist, we unearth a multitalented artist and his excellence in various faculties of the art forms.


As we are in the final phases of lockdown lifting and how the city was behaving in these times led us to take a trip of western suburbs Mumbai for fact-checking.

एक पहलू जो मंटो ने छुआ | An Issue that Manto touches

Come on guys lets peek into that window of this writer’s intellect, which is less noticed. Even those who read Manto's stories and letters did not take much notice on this crossway.


The film recounts an interesting and witty episode of Saadat Hasan Manto’s life i.e. his marriage. Manto is a great story writer from Urdu Literature.


Kreative Karma is a visionary step towards compiling the core artistic substance and giving it the desired platform.

The Cure .Lead actor announcement of Release

A humble beginning with a promise to cater the entertainment with a distinct approach.Wish our first project a success, so we can create the foundation of our dreams